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Wednesday, Aug. 21, 2002

10:56 A.M. sure I’m leaving a message but you never call me back love you bye bye

(this is funny since he has no phone number that I can call him at)

10:57 A.M. see told you that you weren’t going to call me back maybe I can check you later, no I think I am going to go to bed. Maybe I can catch you tomorrow

(if I don’t answer he can’t talk to me…)

10:58 a.m. See its pretty bad that I keep calling back just so I can hear your sexy voice love you bye


10:59 a.m. See you need to leave a longer message so I can listen to your voice…bye bye

(I gotta record a poem for him or something…so if ya call me and you hear that ..you’ll know why..)

10:59 a.m. I wonder how many times I can call this before I overload your mailbox, maybe we’ll find out byebye

-----Original Message-----
From: ‘t’
Sent: Wednesday, August 21, 2002 11:00 AM
To: k
Subject: your phone was off?


Your phone was turned off.


11:00 a.m. Hey there sexy…you know who this is? Hopefully you will return my call bye

11:01 a.m. Hey baby whatcha doin? Thought I’d call and see how you were doing, alright..love you bye

11:02 a.m. Well I guess you’re too busy and your probably getting tired of me calling your phone so I’m gonna stop now ok Princess? Maybe i’ll catch you tomorrow. Love you ..bye

Then I got the email and turned my phone on and actually answered his call and he sat there saying “baby talk to me…I was gonna leave ya 12 messages, like a dozen flowers…” “You need to record a long message for me to hear when I call ya”. We spoke a few minutes and then….we hung up. Its so funny cause we never say much to each other, we’re all shy and giggly like “woah..you’re voice..”

And then he still called my phone and left another message….

11:09 a.m. Sorry I had to hear your voice one more time before I went to bed..I love you byebye

Its so nice to not feel like you have to beg someone for their attention. He’s just so stalking sweet. I’ve had nasty stalkers. This isn’t stalking. When attention is wanted it’s not stalking and I think he’s just so sweet. I never have much of a chance to wonder if he's thinking about me... He just lets it be known.

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