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Wednesday, Jan. 12, 2005
I’m days away and busier than ever. I’ve started to “fret” (for lack of a better ‘f” word) over how I will do it all. I know that my part time job is going to go by the wayside because they are moving to another location too far to make it all work at all. I just found out that we will be moving in March and that has started to weigh down my thoughts. I have to figure out how to reconfigure my computer at home to work for my online courses and then find out if I can only use THAT pc for my schoolwork etc. I’m just not sure yet. So there are issues there weighing me down. I want to buy a new vehicle and solve the transportation issues and there is another issue weighing me down. And then, last night there was the student that totally freaked on me because I scheduled her last workshop of her class in a different room after 4 prior weeks in the same room, she told me I fucked up her aura and she would fail her test because of me. I moved her group to make room for our Director of Operations to teach a class and so she was trumped for mo’ importante’ issues. I apologized but she told me “you don’t look sorry!!” Oh I woulda killed to say “Listen if you were truly prepared for your class then you could take that damn class in the parking lot with your eyes closed and a badly working ink pen, don’t blame your troubles on me!” But I didn’t. I simply walked away. When I told my supervisor she merely shrugged. There are all sorts of people on campus and you CANNOT please all of them all of the time.

I’m ready to move, want new walls, new floors…but…I think about moving all of those shoes, books, clothes and junk…and I want to sit down and cry. And when oh when will I find time to move? But I need to, want to… It’s the ying/yang of it.

There’s a lot more stuff flying thru my mind these days…but I have to go read about “How Does Critical Thinking Help you Solve Problems?” Critical shit…..

I work rather closely with the faculty to make sure equipment is ready for them, working etc…that rooms are adequately sized blah blah…there are a few faculty members that are simply great to work with and around. Some that follow procedure and even say “thank you!” instead of having expectations that they are above and beyond everyone else. I have a lot of teachers who do not get what they want because they do not ask early enough. One particular teacher has always been Johnny on the spot with her requests. I once wrote back to her after she thanked me and told her “The early bird gets the worm, that does not mean that by being early it is hungrier, but rather smarter than the late bird”. Today I emailed her about her request and mentioned to her that I was starting class this week and she wrote back…

FANTASTIC! You know, those of us who are Lead Faculty keep office hours to help students with academic questions. I've been doing my "hours" at the Main Campus.

HOWEVER, when I'm at the LC, I'm available to you anytime. No set hours for my extraordinary VCR provider!

Think "Jonathon Livingston Seagull" NOT "Fear of Flying!" I'm confident that the only "office hours" with you will be success stories ~

Sometimes it’s just nice to have someone else tell you you’re on the right path…that you are capable…..especially in the middle of a time when you feel like you don’t have a grasp on any part of your life, even when you know that you do. I was going to buy that particular teacher a “Tweety Bird” something or other for Christmas as this has been an ongoing private joke ever since I said that to her….but I never found the time. I will have to do so now.

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