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Friday, Jul. 12, 2002
Re: Afghanistan Army Man…..first he told me he was being sent via email before he was deployed….

Wed, 10 Jul 2002

Just wanted to let you know that I am heading out on a mission and don't know when I will be able to get on line.

talk to you later

I figured he wasn’t right by a computer so I never replied. And then I turn on yahoo messenger and …apparently 2 days later ....

(Fri 07/12/02 12:45:51 AM): ...I’ve been busy..but I am ok. maybe I can catch you in the morning. Bye for now

Then I got this email from him this afternoon…

Its been a long time since I have heard form you. I am still out on the mission, but I do have a laptop up and running. I guess it really has not been that long, but it seems like it.

So what have you been up to? Me, troubleshooting and programming this equipment here. Sometimes it really sucks, being the only one available in theater to do this stuff.

But everything is running fine now. All I have to do now is spend a couple more weeks here, to help transition the incoming division, then I get to head back to home-sweet-hell ;)

But I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that everything is ok and I hope that I can catch you online here.

Hope to hear form you soon.

3 days feels like a long time? A boy that contacts me to tell me first what’s going on and then looks for me and readily admits it that he would have liked to talk to me...and then again contacts me to let me know that he’s doing ok and what is going on before I even have a chance to worry or wonder? That’s a pretty fucking amazing course of events if you are me. No one in my life does these things for me. And I probably would have been worried had I not heard from him at all. And he was so cool about informing someone else to tell me in the event that something horrible happened to him. He is at war... He is really such a nice guy… I really have the feeling that he and I will be friends. Longterm friends. He has all those characteristics that it takes to form a friendship, a bond, a trust. And besides that, he’s a funny guy too.

I would tend to want to call this guy pretty damned cool, but haven’t I done that before? Tim? Yeah…I don’t need to be told again.

Vine to vine I go….when I don’t care, they are everything towards me. When I get close and they matter, they swing away. When I get used to hanging alone…someone else comes back. What a soap opera. I know I need to get off of this train ride. I just want to stand on a road alone and see the stars and have that be enough.

A boy that contacts me before I have a chance to miss him? A boy that is considerate? Amazing.
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