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Sunday, Jan. 11, 2004
What's going on with me and the so called person with the cat. Someone I never met, only through diaryland decided to take it upon himself to try to contact my boyfriend with allegations that I cheated on him and that this so called someone had proof. This someone found my other journal at another location online. (where I post the same entries I post here) and I never disclosed that location to bf because I wanted to have someplace to write without him being bothered by it or about it since it does bother him when I write about him. He feels I speak one sided about things, and of course I would because this is my diary.

Furthermore...I know about the cat. I feel badly about the cat. I never said a word about the cat...but someone did and of course I will somehow be the one that gets fingered for that comment even though I never made it.

That someone who decided to contact my bf is the other half of the cat owner in Hungary.

I'm so sick of this trio of people bothering me and my journal. I'm honestly tired of the entire mess. I have asked several times to be left alone. It never happens. BF of the deceased cat owner refuses to go along his merry way. And now my bf is being harassed as well. It's been going on for well over a year now. It's ridiculas.

I have ignored it. Deleted it. Ignored it. Deleted it. It's neverending...

And yah...I'm sorry but after reading that story I am glad that my dog doesn't go outside unattended. I'm also glad that after much discussion that my bf is still here. I think he finds it hard to believe that anyone would go through so much hassle just to cause problems. But unfortunately they do.

It's really all a long story...one that started with my defending a women who's husband left her because he saw someone else at work that looked more promising. I defended her because I saw both sides of it. I still see her possible side of it all. That will never change. There's always three sides to every story in life. Your's, theirs and then the truth.

If you ask me...cat being slayed...bad news. Someone in hungary contacting my bf because he thinks he knows about my life and can state with full awareness that I cheated on my bf...pathetic. The fact is mr fulltilt.diaryland.com needs to let it all go and move on with life. I don't get why he hasn't. Really I don't.
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