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Sunday, Jun. 30, 2002
Sometimes there are things that you just canít even put into words. Complexities that boggle the human psyche. Things that you think you will never do. Things that you do and then you wonder why. Things that make you think that you swore up and down that it wouldnít happen. And then it does. Things that you said didnít matter because you didnít want them to matter regarding yourself. And then you find out with horror that they do matter and then you just canít wait to change yourself so that they never matter to anyone else again.

Sometimes there are things I canít even put into words. I know that Iíve left things unanswered. Its 2:58 a.m. and I donít even know.

Thatís the fact. I am Ö I have more questions now than I ever had before. If you have questions for me, just email me because I donít think I can talk about this yet. Iím still trying to touch it all myself. When I get a grasp on the textureÖIíll.. I dunno. Iíll tell you then something that makes more sense. Right now I have that Marcy Playground song going through my head.
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