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up is down indefinitely (poem)

Friday, Jun. 06, 2003
and he said
up is down indefinitely
and all direction
failed me miserably
and he said
come visit me
and I fell down
he's moving farther
away from me
mapless I am
direction in need
traveling towards
an answer you see
and he said
up is down indefinately
another home
is gone and left me
just with opportunity
clambering to capture

inspired by an email that went like this.....
"I don't know when I'll be moving so it should be interesting. Awesome on the opportunity.... You should come visit me at piptalk since UP is down indefinitely." Thanks for the inspiration! :-)

I started my part time job today after getting out of my full time job early like all Friday's now, and so now I will be working this weekend and every weekend. It's a mortgage company and I'm entering mortgage applications into their system. This sounds relatively easy but it also means learning terminology I didn't previously know. When you start a job and they have prepared a package of papers that is about 15 pages long titled "how to enter a mortgage" you realize that this is not your average run of the mill data entry job and that speed typing doesn't even come into play here, its more about learning to read applications and find information etc. Hmm... I'm challenged to learn something new and I'm up for the challenge. I'll be busy and the time will go by fast I'm sure.

I think I'm gonna buy Bucky a pogo stick. He loves them. I'm gonna ship it to him with a card. No one ever said I couldn't mail my son anything. I miss him. I am angry at the fact that anyone, least of all another parent, could actually be heartless enough to say such cruel things to me regarding my son. I suppose there's always someone out there that's going to puff out their chest and try to make themselves feel better by being heartless.

Tonight I lost my keys at K-mart. Rick was with me. He's so great about those things because even though they are upsetting during the moment, he remains calm and doesn't get angry with me. I love that about him. We found them next to the bed in a bag's I was contemplating purchasing, and my lost bottle of Pantene I swore I didn't put down. Go figure.

I also bought new panties tonight since Chloe keeps eating my panties. I told Rick once that women always buy new panties when they meet a new man, and this is very true, but they also buy new panties when the dog keeps eating them and they're running out of the kind they like to wear. When I was buying panties tonight he was embarassed to be in the panty section of K-mart. Very cute. And yeah...sounds bad...buying panties in a cheesy place like K-mart, but ya know what? I love those Joe Boxers.

I'm gonna go curl up next to Rick now....

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