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Wednesday, May. 08, 2002
food for thought...I never checked this out before....

June 29

7:45pm Depart - Tampa/St Petersb, FL (TPA)
11:36pm Arrive - Wilmington, NC (ILM)
Total travel time:3 hrs 51 min

July 05
7:30am Depart - Wilmington, NC (ILM)
12:38pm Arrive - Tampa/St Petersb, FL (TPA)
Total travel time: 5 hrs 8 min

TOTOAL USD $156.00!!!!<---that's all!!!

June 29

7:45am Depart - St Petersburg, FL (PIE)
11:40am Arrive - Phoenix, AZ (PHX)
Total travel time:6 hrs 55 min

July 06

12:50pm Depart - Phoenix, AZ (PHX)
11:14pm Arrive - St Petersburg, FL
travel time :7 hrs 24 min

Total USD $381.50

Does this mean that Arizona is worth over twice as much as North Carolina??? Hmm….

June 29
7:45am Depart - St Petersburg, FL (PIE)
5:55am Arrive - London Gatwick, UK (LGW)
Total travel time:17 hrs 10 min - Next day arrival
July 06
10:55am Depart - London Heathrow, UK (LHR)
8:20pm Arrive - St Petersburg, FL (PIE)
USD 1667.30

*sigh* Maybe next year……
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