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Tuesday, Apr. 22, 2003
Easter day was nice. 8 hours of allotted time with my son. I was off for 4 days and spent such a small percentage of that with Bucky. :-( He was all smiles the entire time though. We went swimming and Im still sunburned from it. He brought me an Easter basket with a Snoopy with bunny feet in it. He liked his sponge bob pencils the best. It was a nice time, just too short.

I expressed my displeasure with the allotted time to ex this morning and hes now talking about Bucky coming to spend a week with Rick and I. I hope it works out that way.

Ex bought a donut or something from a vending machine at work and there was chemical cleaning product on it and he got sick, burnt his esophagus, threw up.. Yuck, karma.

Im back at work, Im sleepy, sunburned and cant believe this vacation is over.

This morning when my alarm went off I curled up beside Rick, spooning up against him, his skin was cold, I think I warmed him up. He made a comment about how it was niceit was

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