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Tuesday, Sept. 23, 2003

from voidlife :

just been following your diary over the past few months. Much younger then you but still think you are a awesome person and mom. Wish mine was like you...really do...


The other day I got the note above.  It brought tears to my eyes.


One small and quick note to voidlife…


Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!


I may be a lot of things. I may be confused, neurotic, nervously hesitant, anxiety ridden, clinically depressed, etc.  But if there’s one thing no one should ever doubt for two seconds is that I love my son, I listen to my son’s feelings, I adore him and there’s nothing and no one in this world that comes before him in my world.  He’s the sky, the moon, the stars and the universe.  He’s the sugar that rains in the spring, the candy cane path in the winter, he’s the stark beauty of the trees in the fall and the bloom of the sunflowers in summer.


He’s my everything.  He’s the best thing I ever did with my life….so far.


When I hope for a little girl, I hope she will be all of these things as a little sister for him.  I hope that someday he is blessed with the love of a child just as amazing as him.


When I think of what a blessing having him in my life is...I choke up with tears,  the kind that start in your throat and ooze through your entire body in mere milliseconds.




I love that boy.

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