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Sunday, Nov. 03, 2002

Today I wrote 1,725 words and I went to the beach. Bucky watched Glitter for the thousandth gozillioneth time. I read Vox by Nicholson Baker at the beach while watching Bucky row his little inflatable boat with that one giant paddle like a pro.

Tonight I washed tons of dirty clothes and ran out of hangers to hang them all on. We had chilli. I am going to go back to reading Shampoo Planet. I can’t believe I read Vox in a few hours. This book is basically about one large telephone conversation. Actually about phone sex. But then again, not. It’s definitely about sex, but its something else too. Its two people connecting and being honest with each other. And that’s refreshing. I paid $5.50 for this book and tomorrow I’ll trade it for something else. That’s the beauty of such great stores in this area. I really liked the book because the flow of the conversation reminds me of someone I used to talk to over the phone. Not the sex part, because phone sex is just….its just not all that.

I was just thinking that I can sorta go celebrate finishing this novel when Blue Joules releases their 2nd CD. How about that? I mean really…its like two success’s could happen in one day. Sweet!

Last night I watched “Sleeping with the Enemy”. We’re watching all of our movies until I can get caught up on the cable bill and get it turned back on next week. I love this movie. I have seen it thousands of times by now and I never tire of certain scenes. That house she moves into is my dream house. Simple country house with a big front porch with a swing. Not to mention the cute artsy guy that lives next door. Ya know, the one that takes her to the stage and has her sit in a swing while the stars sparkle and it snows.

Bucky is watching Jerry Mcquire now. That little boy Ray is the cutest thing goin. Whew..no more Glitter. I’m going to go back to writing my novel. I’m on a roll and this prick of a character I’ve created is just dying to do horrid things with words.

Strange thing is, I don’t miss cable like I thought I would. At first I thought this was going to suck. I rather like it myself.

Ut oh…. a sex scene in Jerry Mcquire….gotta go cover the kids eyes. Yipes..


“Whoo! How long have we been talking?”
“Hours and Hours”
“Hours and hours and hours,” she said. “My mouth is chapped. Too much making out.”
“Is your voice sore?”
“It really is. Whoo! Gee, I’m going to have to call in sick again. I’ll sleep all day, mm, sounds delightful. The hiss on the phone is very loud now, isn’t it? That companionable hiss. It’s always louder at the end of the conversations.”
“Oh, is it the end already?” he said. “Couldn’t we just fade out somehow, talking and talking? I can’t think of a better way to invest my life savings. Not that I’m much of a saver.”
“You’re quite the telephoner, though.”
“You are too! I mean it! I think really this is one of the nicest conversations I’ve ever had.”

- Vox – Nicholson Baker

Nothing seems to help
Nothing seems to work
Nothing is as beautiful
I’m old enough to take
all the blame
For all the mistakes
All the games and
All the faces
I’m bleeding by myself
But I’m okay
Our Lady Peace
8:55 p.m. ::
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