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Friday, Dec. 02, 2005
So much to say and yet….I am at a loss for where to begin. I really only want to continually say “I love my husband….I love my husband.” Our wedding day was beautiful, it was perfect bliss. I had a wonderful time and I surprised both my husband and my son during the ceremony. I had them both in tears along with our entire guest list. I spoke from my heart and got teary eyed myself. I have some wedding pictures…but most of them are still on my new brother in laws laptop at his house. He was the acting photographer in the end and he did an amazing job. He took photo’s and he captured perfect video of nearly our entire ceremony. He did a great job…you can hear every word and see everything.

Rick and I went camping and after two days of solid rain and cold weather we packed up (yes we got tired of being stuck inside and feeling cold and damp) and went home. I was very happy to see Chloe but not nearly as happy as she was to see us. We then went to Orlando for a few days. We were gifted with tickets to Universal Studios and Adventure Island for a wedding gift from my other brother in law’s girlfriend. We booked a hotel and Rick was very happy that the Jacuzzi was big, hot and perfect. We went swimming in the heated pool and relaxed in the Jacuzzi. We had a very nice time. The hotel was really great and had a huge breakfast the next morning…including fresh coffee, Belgian waffles, fruit, etc. Then we headed to Islands of Adventure and hit all of the rides in record time. We didn’t have to wait very long for any ride…except the bird ride…(put the bird on…take the bird off…put it back on….ugh…but we survived) We also had dinner at Emeril’s the night before and it was amazing. It was definitely the most expensive dinner I’ve had in the last 5 years and it was worth every bite.

I expect to have more wedding photo’s very very soon……but in the meantime check these out……Keith and I walking down the sand isle….we were talking the entire time….

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I love this picture of the guys….they were waiting for my arrival at the beach….they look like the typical guys….standing and waiting…..

My brother in law (and Rick’s twin) Randy, Rick and Keith….

(they forgot to put on their boutonnières….lol…forgot to bring them to the beach too….but that’s ok..someone had to point it out to me after the ceremony…thanks Keith!!!)

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Keith standing next to my best friend Carla……we bought her dress the day before the wedding at the first shop we went to and it fit her perfectly…(it looks long on the beach…but with her shoes the rest of the evening….it was the perfect length!! She loved it and plans to have it cut into an asymmetric hemline to wear again someday)….she’s such a beautiful person inside and out…I love them both soooo much. She came so far to be with me…..so far…

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During the ceremony….he never stopped looking at me and we held hands the entire time….his constant rubbing my fingers making me calm within….

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And a list….

More reasons why I’m glad I pick(ed) Rick…

1. He cried during our wedding ceremony…..this really touched my heart.

2. He worried that I might be a runaway bride…this touches me because he feared losing me just enough to make him keep asking his sister if I was ok.

3. He took Keith and our nephew Sean the night before the wedding to the condo all by himself….(ok so Randy was there…but Rick didn’t know that when he agreed to take on both boys alone)

4. He excitedly exclaimed that he “bonded” with my son. :-)

5. He agreed to allow me to present Keith with a ring from Tiffany’s as part of the ceremony…. (it was a square ring…. “We will love you regardless of what corner of the world you are in like this ring…without end.”

6. We had a sand ceremony whereby all 3 of us picked up handfuls of sand and added them into the bottle “Like these unique grains of sand each of you is unique and different and as you join your lives…like this sand you cannot be separated… it is impossible.”

7. He told Carla he loved her for coming to our wedding and “making Kristy so happy because you are here!”

8. He bought me a watch during our honeymoon…a watch I absolutely love….the nicest watch I’ve ever owned….

9. He took a bubble bath with me on our wedding night….

10. He let me read a new book while at the cabin…even though we were on our honeymoon and he said I couldn’t take books…he bought me one when we got there instead….:-)

11. He let me pick the poem and have it read during our wedding….

12. He made me coffee every single day we were camping….

13. He danced the first dance to a song that I picked….and he held me tight with his entire family and our friends watching….

14. He bought me dinner at Emeril’s and let me order anything I wanted….the white wine was devine!

15. He spoke to my ex about how he “made her (me) happy and plans to keep her (me) that way…..” and “it’s all good….we’re married now” It was hard for anyone else to understand his words…..but I did….I did….and that’s all that matters.

16. He didn’t get mad at me after I promised not to smash cake….and then did it anyway…..he laughed about the icing that went up his nose….

17. He didn’t leave me when I flipped out about the way in which we had to transport the cake the day before the wedding….

18. I pick(ed) Rick because I love him and I know he loves me right back....always.
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