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Friday, Oct. 14, 2005
It’s a beautiful day in Florida, absolutely beautiful. This morning I stopped at the grocery store to hunt down something healthy for breakfast. I was pretty happy when I found this because a few nights ago Rick tried to share his tea with me and I said I didn’t want any because it was all sugar.

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Yum. Peach Tea. And for breakfast…..this….sugar-free canned fruit. Awesome!

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My Halloween nails, they are the god awful ugliest design I’ve ever had. Ever.

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It’s Friday, it’s the weekend. I have a test to take in Critical Thinking on Saturday and then another course is finished….down the tubes. They really go by so fast.

Just got an email from Chadley:

What is your "prison" name going to be???

He’s asking me for my new name as of Nov. 26th…lol
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