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Sunday, Feb. 13, 2005

I found out some things this weekend. 


  1. my man KNOWS how to bowl, and he does it the right way and gets more strikes than anyone else
  2. my son needs a haircut and some new clothes, this will move to high priority on my list…told him I’d take him to get his hair cut next Friday night.
  3. my ex will randomly walk to the front door to pick the child up, there is no rhyme or reason for this, and I’d rather he just called me and told me he was within the vicinity.  I prefer not to see him.
  4. my dog has fleas
  5. number 4 is freaking me out, she hardly has fur and she has fleas????  I gave her a bath but the fleas are still there, I don’t want to put a collar on her, her neck is so dang small…..gah…this sucks
  6. my son can dance better than most kids on TV
  7. my son and I still like the same songs on the radio
  8. my son rocks!





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