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weeping in the rain

Friday, Sept. 06, 2002
Last night sucked. I didn’t get sucked. It just sucked. I had to count out dimes from “Bucky’s” piggy bank to buy a new battery for the pussy car to get to work today. The car died in a torrential downpour yesterday after work thus thwarting plans I had for the evening.

Standing in pouring down rain while your umbrella turns inside out with jumper cables between two cars not worth shit while lightening strikes the building right behind you and you are standing silent, not talking to your spouse, just standing there glad that it’s raining so hard no one can tell that you’re crying…. Well it just sucks.

I can honestly say that I don’t have two dimes to rub together right now. I don’t even have any pennies. If I see a penny today I’m picking it up just to say I have one.

Ok so I get paid today…but still… this sucks. Something’s gotta change in my life.

I got in the car this morning and this stack of poems I had printed out, were all wet and soggy probably from opening and closing the door so much to try to fix the car. So they’re the only copys I have of those poems, so now they’re all laid out flat on my desk to dry so I can photocopy them and get clean new copies. I saw those wet poems and I had one thought...

even my pen
my strong steady pen
is weeping

the ink is seeping

ok so it's not dying...it's dRying...but...grrr


one note to MP...thanks for following me ....everywhere...it plasters on the only smile I have sometimes....Thank You.
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