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Thursday, Mar. 21, 2002
Hey Jess… I showed David your guestbook entry….here’s what he wrote back to me…

well I'm pretty weirded out by that!! are you sure you want to
meet up tonight? you don't have
to if you don't want to. you won't hurt my feelings, it's totally
up to you. It makes you wonder
what kind of person wrote made that comment, yeah trust issues
HELLO!! anyway it's those
people, and those comments that ruin it for the nice, and sincere
people like us. of course that's
just my opinion, and you know what they say about opinions.
everybody has one ya know. No
I won’t papercut you, if you promise not to turn over a bookshelf
on me, and crush me!!!! he he!!

let me know if you still want to meet up?

I’m going…..he’ll be there. And in the end I’ll have a new friend. Trust is handing someone the keys to your Porche to drive the Autobahn. Or leaving your 6 week old baby with a 12 year old girl that’s never babysat before. It’s not about walking into a public place to say hello to someone you’ve talked to for hours already...when there are at least one hundred people around.

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