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we'll go bungee jumping or something...

Wednesday, Aug. 21, 2002
t: I should warn you...

t: when I sleep....

t: I sleep like a rock....

t: a freight train can go though the house and I wont

hear it

me: why do I need warned about this

me: i may never get to see you sleep

t: hmpft

me: what?

t: oh you are right.,....

t: when I get there...we wont be doing too much


me: that remains to be seen

t: really?

t: you think we would just sleep?

me: i think you might not want to have sex with me

t: what ever

me: that is a possibility so I have to not assume


me: lol t said what ever

me: lol

t: ok

t: listen to me k

me: ok

t: I am coming to visit you ok

t: I cant say when...ok

t: and when I do...

t: I dont plan on sleeping...ok...

t: ok

me: ok

t: hello

me: so we'll go bungee jumping or something

t: we will do something with rope....

t: maybe not bungee jumping though

t: ;-)

me: ok but you have to understand something

t: ok

t: whats that?

me: i assume nothing

me: i've been told lots of things lots of times in all

different ways and ...

me: how do i tell you...

me: um...

me: its like in my mind... you are all good things and

I know you are not perfect..etc... but i want to love

you with everything that I am...every part of me wants

to give you everything that I have to give...

t: ...

t: ok...

t: I understand

me: its an odd thing because i believe you when you

say you will come see me

me: i know that you can't make promises about when and

things like that

me: but ya know what t

me: i know that if you were in a position to do so...

you woulda already been here

t: exactly

me: and nope...I'm not conceited like I think I"m all

that... or that i think I'm so damn worth your time or

your effort to do that

me: i just know you would have if you could have...

t: yes you are

me: with you its not the things you say

me: and maybe some people think we're just exchanging

words back and forth

me: but that's not it

me: its two people who found someone that they can

talk to openly and without fear of judgement and all

the lame stuff that comes from all of that

t: ;-)

me: t

t: yes babe

me: i don't want you to rearrange your life to make me


me: and yeah i think about you and a thousand

questions bombard me that I don't have answers for

t: ok ...ask

me: but i'm a fool that believes that if something is

meant to be it will be despite all of those things

t: next

me: ok i actually can't even imagine not knowing you

me: not having you in my life

me: not ever being with you

me: or being with you and you leave and thats it

me: i can't imagine ever having a "thats it"

me: or the end

me: or whatever

me: I just can even grasp it

me: and the idea that I can't grasp it...it's like

unreal to me

t: ;-)

me: every person I ever cared about left

me: left

me: left

me: left

me: just left

t: right

me: and I can't picture you left

t: i know

me: so how stupid am I being

t: :-)

t: not at all

me: i should be able to picture it...it's happened

enough times

t: hmpft

me: but I'm telling you

me: i can't

me: i just can't even imagine you doing that to me

t: ;-)

t: I am not all that Kristy

t: I am just a shy little old country boy from michigan

t: hello?

me: hi

t: ok..

t: i thought you had left me

me: Give what you have. To someone, it may be better

than you dare to think.

t: that sound familiar

t: ?

me: have you ever thought that maybe it doesn't matter

how we see ourselves

me: or what we think of ourselves

t: yep....but we still do it

me: if someone just thinks you're special isn't that

enough for you to be special ?

t: should be...

t: do you feel special then?

me: everytime i talk to you

t: awwww

t: Kristy...

me: yes?

t: I love you

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