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Tuesday, Jun. 29, 2004
I just ate a giant piece of carrot cake slathered with icing that had to be pure whipped sugar, I could feel the granules of sugar on my lips, I could feel the grit on my plastic grocery fork. Now my teeth hurt, my head hurts, my heart hurts, my fingers hurtI知 going to hurl. I知 shoving corn nuts between my teeth and the salt is heavenly and my stomach is churning and I知 wondering if my skipped dinner and my groan for a breakfast means that this will be forgotten in a day. I can fit almost another half an ass in my pants today and two more same size breasts in my bra. But I can稚 fill this hole I feel in my soul. I can stand sideways and pull my pants out and show you the gap. I can but I知 too busy crying without tears. I gotta go...hurl alert..
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