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Friday, Aug. 23, 2002

What’s better than husband going away for the weekend?

Being on a phone call from ‘t’ when husband is trying to call me to say goodbye.

That’s just the best.

Who’s going to cut a connection to Afghanistan for anyone?

And hey I didn’t even know the phone number that was paging through.

What’s better than ignoring the incoming call?

Me later trying to call him back on his cell phone only to find out that it’s been cut off.

This means he can’t call me all weekend.

Later I got the voice mail that said, “I was calling trying to get you , oh well goodbye.”

Uh yeah.. goodbye…whatever.

The moon is out right now in Afghanistan.

When Afghanistan said goodnight it was breathtaking. He actually apologized for “taking up my time during lunch.”

Hey I wasn’t comparing. That would be a futile attempt.

I was stating fact.

Fact is, right now I’m on cloud 9. He and I spoke for an entire half hour. 60 cents!

What’s cooler than all of this?

I have “Bucky” all to myself for the next two days! Yeeehawwwwwww Bucky time!

What totally makes that kewl? ‘t’ actually said, “hey babe if you want to spend your entire weekend with him just chilling being a happy camper, it’s ok…I’ll do my best to wait til Sunday night to talk with ya.”


I just sat down in my chair on top of an entire glass of water dumped in it. (it's leather so it just lay there in wait..) My coworkers think they are funny. But then again I suppose if you work with a room full of guys and this is the only way they can make you wet, then who’s truly the pathetic party?
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