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Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2002
I just got this email from Mr. Prick of all time…I will never speak to him again…it’s over and there’s not going to be a long ass goodbye. No more nothing. I do not intend to answer him nor do I intend to ever take his phone calls again. If I could lose 60 lbs then surely I can refuse to do this to myself anymore. I do not nor will I ever understand his behavior or why he would encourage me to go to NC to just then say this shit to me. I do not “enjoy” talking to him nor do I “enjoy” his playing with my feelings and emotions the way he does. Here’s his email…

I just put 3 more people on the books this morning before noon. I am working hard to put another 6 on the books by the end of February. Wednesday I am supposed to be hearing from the guy from Southern Homes and check out what he has. Thursday I have to find the time to squeeze in to fill 3 machines before 5 pm (probably do it on my lunch hour) Friday, I am supposed to call Tom referred by Richard and get a good price on some medic-aid machines brand new. I dont have time for forwarding emails or listening to your crying over your own problems and lives decisions. When I call you its because I enjoy talking to you not for you to put your problems heavy decisions on my shoulder. You are searching for answers but only you know them, and if you want my opinion I would suggest you stay in FL. You have so much more down there then you have in NC I cant imagine why you would give it up. Your marriage is the only thing that isnt the way it should be, other than that everything else is pretty much normal. You should be happy and appreciate what you do have. Maybe you better make a list on paper so you realize what you do have and what you should never give up. I myself have to stay focused and resign myself from being a public shrink. If I dwelled on every bad thing i could think of well I guess id be crying too....well maybe.




Fuck him! Fuck fuck fuck him…..He’s the fucker that made me cry in the first fucking place!!! When he talks about putting people on the books he’s talking about sales. And as for the rest of it, I don’t give a fuck anymore. He wants all the “good” parts of me and none of the difficult.

I’m sure I’ll be crying…but it has to be the last time…

I wish I had the strength to reply to him like this…but you know he’s not even worth me typing.

I fucking hate you…and I don’t give a flying fuck about who you put on the books or what you’re doing. Leave me the fuck alone!

He will miss me….just like every other fucking person that’s done this to me. My husband’s sorry….he’ll be sorry….they always are. And then I don’t care anymore. Its some sick cycle I’m spinning in.

Hold onto what I have? Normal? He’s so fucked.


I didn't reply....and I won't so help me....fuck him! Silence is the worst thing anyone can ever receive.
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