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Monday, Dec. 12, 2005
Wow, if you want to know who read’s your crap online, just stop writing your crap for about 4 days and you’ll know. I’m ok, just have a dead cable modem. I hope to take it back and get a new one sometime very soon. We’ll see. Rick will probably have to do it.

This weekend I did a whole lot of nothing. My knee and hip have been bothering me and I spent the majority of my time lying on the couch reading books. I was off of school for an extra week this break around and thank god because since returning to work after the honeymoon I’ve felt like dead driftwood and I really don’t have any time I can take off now. (I do…but I have to save some for the next 9 months I have to make it through)

Lately it’s lackluster….I suppose that’s to be expected after a year’s build up for a wedding day and then 24 hours and 7 days later..done. All that planning done. When I say lackluster I don’t mean to imply that I’m not happily married and happy with Rick, I am. I completely am. I just feel like a project is over and there’s got to be a new one to concentrate on. Then I was off of school for two weeks, so things have been blah. I’m used to being insanely busy busy and now…there’s been nothing but cold weather and nothing to work on diligently.

Yesterday I did manage to go out and buy Rick some jeans and a pair of shorts. He’s been “increasing” in size since we met. I think part of this is due to his increased workload and the big change in the type of work. He’s still all muscle but his pant size and shirt size has increased by 1 size on top and 3 inches at the waist. I went to Ross because they have name brand clothes at decent prices and this allows me to buy him more than I could otherwise.

I was cruising up and down the man’s pant isle and found nothing in his size. (33/32) And then I found a cart at the end of an isle that had several pairs of pants and several pairs of shorts all in his size. They were folded nicely and I looked around and there was no one within ten isles of where I was. So I picked them up and held them up and checked them out and inspected for issues. (Ross is like that….you have to check, but once you do it’s all good) There were 2 items in the cart I wanted so I placed them in my cart and moved on to look at the shirts. There weren’t too many shirts that weren’t $20 a pop and I hate to spend that kind of cash on shirts for Rick because he’s killer hard on clothing and it just doesn’t pay to buy him ten $20 shirts because within 3 months they’ll all be stained, etc. So after I looked at several shirts I decided to move on. And that’s when it happened…the man’s voice a few isles over asking “Where’d my stuff from my cart go, I had more pants in here!” I froze but then I took off around the corner and got the hell out of menswear/dodge.

I quickly realized that the pants I took out of that cart were surely his. He was talking to his friend about how there weren’t any more in that size and then I knew. But I still took off. What was I supposed to do? Take the items out of my cart and give them back? Maybe. But…there weren’t any other 33’s in the store and besides…he certainly abandoned that cart if in fact it was him. Now, I’ve asked 3 people at work what they would have done and they all said, “I would have ran like you did, in Ross it’s a free for all…those outlet places are all like that, you can’t just walk away from your cart. That’s like abandoning your prize. What would you have done?? I kept the shorts and the pants, bought the shorts and the pants and they both fit Rick well, even though he said the Gap jeans would be too long. They aren’t. And they were both $9.99. Sweet!
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