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when i - poem

Wednesday, Jul. 24, 2002
there is no girl as lucky as I am just because ...just because of you

When I

When I am lonely
Can I make you the thought
That builds me back to good?

When I cry in the dark
And feel misunderstood
Can I whisper my own name
And tell myself that you would
If you only could

When the rain comes too thick
And the stars make no sense
Can I come to you in my mind
And look through the idea of you
And in solitude stand up and dance with
You, alone in a back and forth perfect line?

Can I say all my words to you
Can I tell you all of them every single time?
When the tears are too much
To choke back and hold inside
Can I run inside my smiles from you
Can I find that inner place about you
That safe place where I can hide

When I think of you because of
Some random gift from nowhere
Can I tie reminder notes to my fingers
So I can share that fairy winged thought
With you later down the path somewhere
Where we stop and see each other
Without either of us ever being there

When I think I might forget you
Because of some unexplained silence
Can I write your name in the sand
Trace you with my toes
Say a prayer with the noisy surf symphony
Can I scream your name across the ocean
And hope that you are thinking of me?

When I want you to know
And I cant tell you
Can I put my poetry in a bottle
A message across the water
And pretend it knows right where to go?
Can I tell you now Im going to miss you
Someday Im going to miss you
Can I tell you now since I already know

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