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Thursday, Sept. 08, 2005
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Today when I was leaving work to go grab some sushi for lunch I passed somebody on the breezeway to the parking garage that looked vaguely familiar and yet it didn’t quite hit me and so I kept walking. Said familiar person started yelling “Kristy Kristy!” so I turned around. It was the familiar face but I still did not have a name. He stated, “I used to work with you at Eckerd.” I still did not know who he was. He had to tell me his name. Mark Delia. And then I remembered.

Mark was a tech support guy there when I worked there. He asked me out a couple times and yet I was married then. I wasn’t happily married and I recall being attracted to Mark back then. When he saw that I remembered he quickly asked, “Are you still married to that jerk?” To which I said, “Oh god no we’ve been divorced for a long time already.” He noticed my engagement ring and said, “Oh I saw the ring…” I quickly explained that I met Rick and we’re engaged now. Turns out he’s also married and has 3 kids already. And turns out that he doesn’t work in the building, but rather he’s a student at the U. And ironically enough not majoring in anything to do with computers! We spoke for all of five minutes and I headed out to get my sushi.

As I retrieved my lunch I was trying and trying to remember when I worked there last and couldn’t. I had to look at my resume. It states

1/99 - 11/99

Eckerd Drug Corporation

6 years have passed and he still remembered my name?? 6 years and he has 3 kids already? Woah…time is something else.

Oh and why does ginger taste a lot like soap?
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