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Wednesday, Mar. 16, 2005
First he called me asking me questions about Alzheimer disease and the proper care of patients. I called back because his father passed away and his family felt that his stepmother had some fowl play in his death. I felt badly and discussed it with him.

Then I remembered the falling out that he and I had and I pointed this out to him by saying, I like you, you like me, weve been friends for nearly a decade now. Since last year, sometimes I have missed you, but mostly I have not. The reasons I have not are the same reasons we have big huge falling outs. So while the part of me that occasionally misses you is happy to speak to you, the other half of me knows better. But mostly you know its the fact that I am in love, I am happy in my personal life, my professional life, and my academic life. I am happy, a word that I didnt think I could take ownership ofso since I am happy and I like things exactly the way they have been you need to stop calling me.

So far, in the last 4 days, he has called me ten times. Ten times I have seen his call and not answered.

They all come back around, its always too late. They should know better before it gets to this point.
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