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Sunday, Apr. 21, 2002

Stolen from olei

01. I hurt: more now than I ever have before because now I understand what I used to ignore.

02. I love: people that never seem capable of loving me back.

03. I hate: bills and especially bills that I can’t pay.

04. I cry: more than I ever laugh.

05. I fear: everything that causes me heartache.

06. I hope: that I never get that close to anyone again.

07. I sadden: when I think about him with someone new.

08. I feel alone: mostly when I’m in a room full of people.

09. I kill: every opportunity that comes along.

10. I talk: more than I listen.

11. I listen: to music so I can block out the world.

12. I break: everything delicate.

13. I see: pictures in the clouds.

14. I smell: vanilla and sunflowers.

15. I taste: like ….well…come and see!

16. I work: too hard at everything.

17. I remember: everything to do with “him”.

18. I hold: onto memories too long.

19. I hide: the fact that I am actually pretty happy most of the time.

20. I pray: for something that makes me understand.

21. I walk: in someone else’s shoes before I judge.

22. I drive:.too fast for my own good.

23. I read: about half of the books I ever buy.

24. I burn: candles all over my house constantly.

25. I breathe: just because this is something the body forces the heart to allow.

26. I play: mind games with bad opponents.

27. I miss: “him” right after we speak.

28. I touch: myself more than I ever admit.

29. I learn: nothing from my mistakes but how to execute the same ones more easily next time.

30. I feel: too much.

31. I know: .too little.

32. I said: too many lies.

33. I dream: more in daylight than when I’m asleep.

34. I have: nothing that I truly want.

35. I want: everything I don’t have.

36. I fall: into love few times but hard.

37. I wait: for it to happen to someone that I love.

38. I need: to know I’m needed.

39. I live: for my son.

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