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Friday, Nov. 15, 2002
This morning I was chatting to her about yesterdays dessert.

Kwisty2k: "will you be a dear and grab that ironstone tray from the hutch just inside the dining room for me?"
Kwisty2k: that gets the "dorkiest line" award
Kwisty2k: haaaaaaaa
Kwisty2k: for some reason I couldn't make simon get all kinky
Dreamzzzz101: lol @ dorkiest line
Kwisty2k: lol
Kwisty2k: who says "will you be a dear" ?
Kwisty2k: haaa
Dreamzzzz101: lol
Kwisty2k: and this guy dances.....lights fires...makes coffee.....gets it on in the middle of the kitchen
Kwisty2k: like damn I wish I could write myself a man
Dreamzzzz101: will you write me one too??
Kwisty2k: teeheeee
Dreamzzzz101: haha
Dreamzzzz101: just the thought of a man cooking for me.....
Kwisty2k: i know
Kwisty2k: simon's the source of a new obsession for me
Kwisty2k: i gotta find a man that cooks

Sometimes when I write this sort of thing involving a person I see it as a form of flattery but you never know how your muse will react. You tiptoe around your words and try your hardest because even though itís fiction and all in fun, you donít want to offend someone you like enough to write about. This morning I got a nice guestbook entry from Mr Livingwreck and he seems to be pleased. Then I went to his joint to read his entry like every morning and found this.

Iím glad he liked it and is happy about it. Now I have to go write her a man. I donít think I could ever write one good enough for her but Iíll try!

Maybe soon Iíll get my recipe! :-) I hope so cause Iím hungry for something sweet.
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