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Tuesday, Jul. 12, 2005

This evening I talked to my first cousin Wendy via telephone.  Wendy and I are the same age and grew up together and went to grade school together and high school together.  The whole shebang…together.  She and I always got along, were close at some points, closer at others, drifted at some but never ever grew so far apart that we did not share a fierce appreciation for the fact that we were first cousins and therefore no one should dare mess with the other.  We read the same books, talked on the phone, she was there when I met my first puppy love, Frank Conway and we basically lived out “Are you there god it’s me Margaret” together.


Today I called to check in with my Aunt DeDe (who happens to be Wendy’s bodaciously cool Mom) and Wendy was there.  Wendy lived in VA with my other first cousin Shelley for a long long time. They were roomies.  I never knew Shelley outside of meeting her exactly once in my life.  But according to Wendy, Shelley is very promiscuous and very much a pain in the butt who thinks she’s better than everyone else.  She collects Longaberger baskets and can only eat off of Pfalzcraft dishes.  Weird to both Wendy and I.


We chatted for about an hour and I enjoyed myself so immensely.  I had not realized just how much I missed her until there she was in my ear in all her friendly laughter and memory ridden self.  I instantly recalled learning to ride bikes down her sloped yard and crashing into trees, playing chase in her backyard on summer nights while our parents gathered around smoky fire pits and we giggled despite the mosquito bites and watered down Kool-aid that populated my childhood years with plenty of red faced grins. 


At one point she mentioned how everything seemed so important and valid about other people’s opinions when we were teenagers and how now we just don’t give a damn.  She stated that when she was in high school she was picked on about her size and how I never was.  I reminded her of all the “watermelon” butt remarks I always received because I just have an Italian style ass.  She said, ‘Yes but you had the cool friends who everyone wanted to hang out with.”  I replied, ‘Yah cool friends who are now single Mom’s with 3 kids and no career and no prospects of any glory nearby despite all the popularity etc.”  She stated, “you were still cool when cool mattered.”


I never knew she felt that way.  I know there were years in my teens that I was wrapped up in a long term boyfriend and didn’t spend enough time with my cousins or my friends for that matter.  Today I realized how much I probably missed. 


The best thing that happened wasn’t anything that she said.  I lost the cellular connection and …and….she called me right back.  :-)  She called me back.  This may not seem a big thing but every other time I’ve ever called family and lost connection I am the one that must call back….if I call back at all.


It’s so nice to care about and for someone and then realize in one split second that your call was welcomed and enjoyed in return.  Priceless.


My cousin Wendy has moved back home and is staying with her parents (my Rocking Aunt and Uncle who I adore and wish had been MY OWN parents…a fact I have told to most everyone who would care to be told)  She’s enrolled in college herself and has plans for an entirely new and different life.  She had a few bad years being somewhat abused by my other cousin and her ill laden comments.  We’ve been through similar and yet very different experiences recently.


Today I told her I was proud of her for making a scary but much needed change.  She’s looking to work two jobs and get her own house in my hometown to rent. 


Today after she called ME back….I decided to save some money for a plane ticket for her and ask her to fly down so she can come to my wedding. I also decided to call her every weekend when I have free minutes on my phone....and...just be "first cousins" again because...because it's just so cool.

Wendy likes to bake cakes and read books and knows about art and cool stuff and has interests I appreciate and....yah she was always like this but having been away from her...I appreciate her in a newfound way and would like to see her again soon. Heck, maybe she can make my wedding cake....that's a thought. hmm.....ideas ideas.... I have a cool cousin I used to call Windy when I was a little little girl. Yah it’s a plan.



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