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Wednesday, Mar. 13, 2002

Last night I was busy at an interview for a job unavailable….grrr….
Tonight…first chance he gets….(I don’t believe him either…by the way…

Him: i cant believe her

PoeticaL: *shrugs*

Him: do you know what i am talking about

PoeticaL: yes

Him: what then

PoeticaL: her goofy email

Him: ya and her pms

Him: she always leave them on pal

Him: She said shes done,,,,, done of what

PoeticaL: your asking me?

Him: yep

PoeticaL: well I haven't a clue what shes talking about

PoeticaL: and I don't care

Him: she said im known of portrayal of several ppl

Him: have no clue what the fuck shes blabbin' about

PoeticaL: I don't understand anything she says because she plain and simply doesn't know how to write

Him: but she talks like theres something special going on between her and i

PoeticaL: maybe there is (yeah..I was being serious when I said it but decided I didn’t want to fight about it…so….)

PoeticaL: hahahahaha

PoeticaL: gotcha!

Him: whatever

PoeticaL: I'm just kidding

Him: not even a tad funny

Him: very lame

PoeticaL: well....she's very lame

Him: yes

PoeticaL: I find it very hard to imagine you having an intelligent conversation with her ever in life

PoeticaL: I didn't reply to her and as far as I'm concerned she's not worth my time.

Him: ok

PoeticaL: I don't know what the hell she was talking about when she said a few things in that email

Him: beats me

Him: brain on crack

PoeticaL: well...don't worry I won't boil your rabbit

Him: meaning

PoeticaL: she said ....

PoeticaL: A remake of the movie that Glenn Close played in..I do not need, someones obsession

Him: oh that

PoeticaL: lol

Him: hell i never seen the movie

PoeticaL: oh...ok....in the movie the chick boils the guys rabbit on the stove

Him: ok

PoeticaL: a few things that threw me.....

PoeticaL: I did leave him.

PoeticaL: we're not working anything out

Him: i figured that

PoeticaL: I live by myself.

PoeticaL: I gave you an address and the name of the complex

PoeticaL: I have nothing to hide

Him: never said you did

Him: where did that come from

PoeticaL: this part

PoeticaL: of her email...

. PoeticaL: I talked to her that night that I fully admitted to speaking to her

PoeticaL: I showed you that entire chat

PoeticaL: where did she get this......

PoeticaL: You told me 3 different (lies) last-nite when you PM'D me..1.you left your husband 2.you are working on reconcilling your marriage w/a counselor..3.As far as “him” thinks you left your husband when you did not..And,than you have enough nerve to tell me..”him” messed you up...Whose mind are you really playing with??? (<---her words)

Him: i seen all this

Him: look i worked till 6 pm tonite

PoeticaL: ok

Him: dont want hash this shit around

PoeticaL: its ok

PoeticaL: I don't care either way

And then there was silence…..

He didn’t want to rehash it all but he tried to bring it up with me two nights in a row? I’m confused. And …my scheme worked…she looks so stupid right now. Man I am vindictive when it comes to him. What’s it all about?

I just noticed while adding HTML code to this chat that he talks a great deal like blueyed…hahahahah A match made in heaven…..Huukted in Fonixses wurkted 4 mee!

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