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Tuesday, Sept. 02, 2003
Tonight I was wondering my own plight. Where will I be in a few months time? What will I be doing with my days? I am on a journey and it’s much like chutes and ladders. I’m up then down and I will not know where I will land for good until the final move. I was worried and scared and full of trepidation (big word Justin…look it up…) about my future. So, I started to backtrack and ask myself if I had done the right thing about my last job. I should have saved more money I thought, I should have planned better I thought, both of these would have been great ideas in retrospect and I wrote a mental note to myself to do both of these things in the future. Then I pulled up to a stop light on 66th street and I sat there and sat there and waited and waited for the light to turn green. It was much like my current waiting for my life to move on. I was getting impatient. I looked around trying to entertain my mind with other thoughts, not stressful ones. I noticed a middle-aged slightly receding hairline-toting guy beside me in a big ford Fairmont. His antenna was a wire clothes hanger twisted into a big loopy exclamation mark shoved down inside the mental ring on the car. I looked back at my dashboard slightly fuzzed by recent dust due to current stress and lack of proper focus, and it was then that I thought, “if I never do another thing with my life, I will never have it that bad, I will never ever resort to closet implements to hear the sound of life.”
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