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Wish - book review

Wednesday, Nov. 09, 2005
In the last few days I have been rabidly anxious and stressed out. Stress at work is happening in leaps and bounds. I’m insanely stressed about money, the wedding, work, school, a paper I have to write that is 1500 words long and a group paper on Legalization of Narcotics and the Benefits of it. I also have to write a paper about Diversity in the workplace. I am a Business Management student and I suppose I might one day smoke a joint while encouraging diversity in the workplace now? Yah NOT. The things I end up studying always feel so far left of what it really takes to be a good manager. People skills…is this something can not be taught or can be taught? That’s what I want to write a paper on.

Book Review coming up….I keep telling myself I need to organize my book reviews in a better format and one of these rainy Sundays (after I am again a Mrs. Perhaps….) I will do something about this. And speaking of that, I got a great postcard from Krystal of Kristyk.org fame of a photo I really love and on the address section where she listed my current name underneath she wrote “But Not for Long” and this this one small tiny gesture …made me feel so very happy inside….that and it’s a photograph I completely love and want in poster size!

Wish – Melina Gerosa Bellows
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Over the course of the last few days of craziness I have managed to eek out enough hours to read a book. The above pictured book! A very good book! A book I would buy for anyone really. It’s that good. I loved it from first word to last word. Loved it! The book is about a character named Bella. Bella wants what every girl wants or at least most of them. She wants to one day find Mr. Right and have her twin autistic brother Bobby become normal one day. Her struggles for both are outlined over the course of three decades of her life. The book reminded me of Bridget Jones Diary in some sense but somehow more. Each chapter orients you the reader to how old Bella is. It’s not a fast forward so much as it is a great study of character detail and growth. The Chapter headings list Bella's age, current idol, favorite song, most prized possession and best pair of shoes. I really liked the way they did this. I love when chapters in books are characterized by something unusual or interesting.

I kept asking myself if this was in fact a Chick Lit book and I would have to say no. But if you like Chick Lit books and loved Good in Bed by Jennifer Weiner then you need to read this one. I loved it. I cruised through it in no time flat and thoroughly enjoyed Bella the character. She was real and said things we all think. I really suppose I enjoyed the book because it was somewhat of a no-brainer. It was much like a Julia Roberts film, (Pretty Woman, etc.) chick film about girl you can’t help but like. And those kinds of books are good sometimes. They are the candy books that provide a few hours of escape and enjoyment without the brain numbing side effect of trying to figure out who is who and what is what and which one of those Japanese named characters is which? Sometimes that ruins a great novel for me when I have to decipher what in the heck is going on too much.

One of the coolest parts of this book was the references to the 80’s, a time that I grew up in. It was like a memory trip back. The mention of TV shows and the like were right on par with that time. I did find a glaring mistake when the author mentioned The Donald and his wife Ivana and I flinched….as we all know that that marriage didn’t last. I think it might have been a tongue in cheek mention but it caught my eye and stopped me in my tracks for some odd reason. St. Elsewhere, ThirtySomething…Guess Jeans, Jordache Jeans, shoe boots, etc. All memories of my past that felt good to read about and remember the odd things from growing up and my own teenage years.

This book is a winner in my mind because it was pure pleasure for the sake of the pleasure of reading and getting lost in another world. I read it in two days and I hope this author writes more books. I do not like the cover art as it’s rather juvenile in appearance. I mean, I could have lived without the imbedded glitter in the cover art. Tacky. And yes I’m highly critical of book covers. I almost didn’t read this gem because the cover reminds me of Bonnie Bell lipgloss, I laughed when the author mentioned Bonnie Bell in the novel. (Dear Ms. Bellows..if you googled your name like so many other’s have in the past…I loved it!!! Write some more!!!!)
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