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Wednesday, Sept. 28, 2005
I accepted the Impact committee invitation and we are now working on all sorts of office dealio’s. My first task? Re-theming the recognition board in our office. Our recognition board is really kinda cool. The company gives each employee the opportunity to give props to one another for assistance, help, etc. It’s a nice way to recognize each other’s good deeds. Funny enough most people here really get into the board and it’s purpose. We then pass out the props (which are written on pieces of paper usually shapes, last month it was stars, last Christmas it was Christmas trees…on Valentines Day it was hearts…you get my point) during our monthly company wide meeting and each person that gave props gets to do so in front of everyone. It sound hokey but it’s really kinda cool. It gives us a chance to support each other and sometimes people give out some funny props that we can all relate to. I like the practice myself and often give out mass props to my homies. For October we are utilizing school supplies and our props will be written on mock up pencils. I’ll have to photograph my handi-work when I’m complete. It’s nice to be a part of a team that’s doing things. Even if it’s artwork. We also provided our team with coffee and bagels that will be served tomorrow morning. Nice…everyone likes to come into work and have some free coffee and breakfast served to them.

Today while doing a work related task I found this website regarding a high school I was looking for an address for. I wish I could have gone to high school here Heck I wish I was there right now.

I’m like this today at work… Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Gotta go….
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