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Saturday, Sept. 06, 2003
I knew it was going to happen. It was bound to happen really. With all the interviews I went to in the last week it was going to happen without a doubt. Drum roll pleaseÖ..

I have two job offers. *groan*

One is a temp assignment for one month for a company in Clearwater that is a manufacturer. Itís a company that buys military electronic parts from companies like the one I just left. Itís a company I am familiar with. The assignment is for data entry only. Easy job, hammering part numbers into their database. The pay is ok and the hours are ok as well. I didnít interview there, someone from an agency called me up and said ďI want to send you, your resume rocks and you can go on Monday if you fill out my paperwork and show up.Ē

The second job offer came in tonight at 10 p.m. It is from a collection agency that wants to pay me just as much as my last company was paying me before they bumped me down in pay sub-sequentially pushing me to decide to leave due to the pay decrease and a few other things. The second company is a collections company also in Clearwater that collects past due cellphone bills from deadbeats. It is a phone job and that is something Iím unsure of. But itís a fulltime job and the pay is better by $1/hr. Thatís a difference of $160 a month. Thatís my auto insurance and food, or almost half of my half of the bills or something like that. Itís to be considered thatís for sure. This company is small, starting out, and so Iíd be getting in on the ground floor. My possible boss there is a workaholic, has high expectations of his crew, and thinks I have everything it takes to be a kickass collection agent. I personally have the belief that I have had enough of liars, and most of the people that owe for a cell phone bill and havenít paid on time are liars that could pay but just donít. Of course this is an assumption on my part, but so be it. This job has a hourly rate of pay that is higher than the first offered job that is also a temp job, and this job has benefits as well. I just hate having to make decisions about what to do. I hate hate hate it. This boss is totally cool about working with my schedule so that I can go to my anger management class. I was upfront and told him about my ďno contestĒ plea even though I didnít have to. He thanked me for my honesty and said it was refreshing when someone had the confidence to be upfront and forthright. Go me. I mumbled something about ďkarmaÖ.sheís a bitchĒ. He laughed, but then caught himself as though he wasnít allowed to laugh outwardly.

Ok soÖ.what to do what to do. My dream job for the last 2 years was to work in the purchasing department of a large OEM. I am confused and donít know what the F^(@K to do now. Ack.

I went clothes shopping today with Bucky since I thought I was going to go work for the OEM and buy myself a month to figure it all out. My last job was gravy as far as dress code went. I wore jeans and whatever else I wanted. The OEM job is strictly professional and temp, this new job offer is casual, no flipflops, Friday is Jeans day. Ugh all these factors to consider. All I want to do is go to college. All I really want to do is go to starbucks and get a caramel macchiato.

Today Bucky helped me pick out a new pair of tan shoes, a great pair of black pants, a gray rose print beautiful scarf for 99 cents, a white top, a tan beautiful dress for $9.99, a print skirt for $5.99 with a matching red 100% silk top, and a orange colored beautiful blouse to match a pair of nice pants I already had sitting in my closet with the tags on em. Iím all set either way. If nothing else I look killer no matter where the heck I go. Where will I go anyways????

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