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wow an email from Caroline Leavitt

Thursday, May. 09, 2002
I came home tonight and of course made some hazelnut latte and then did my “Walking Away the Pounds” video cause my skinniest pants were feeling snug…(too much sweet coffee…eh?) *grins* Then I opened my brand new Paul Westeberg CD from Amazon and put it in the stereo and settled down to say hi to JEM and check my email….

and now I’d like to quote from this diary entry from…Feb 13th

“An excerpt from this book I’m reading an excerpt from in my booksamillion’s email program…(BookPreviewClub@booksamillion.com)

Otis stirs now, his round, damp mouth moving, his hands as perfect as tiny stars you might wish upon. "Hey," Gary says, and bends and kisses his son. He can't kiss him enough. He gets drunk on the touch of him.

COMING BACK TO ME by Caroline Leavitt

Something about the line about a baby’s hands being as perfect as tiny stars you might wish upon….this line is so beautiful. And this line made me think of a little baby that always stays in my thoughts somewhere.
Baby Owen.

I got this email tonight…

From: (&!@@@aol.com
To : poeticalgirl@hotmail.com
Subject : thanks from author you quoted!
Date : Thu, 9 May 2002 14:00:10 EDT

Thank you, thank you, thank you for quoting from my novel COMING BACK TO ME! I was so thrilled to see it in your wonderful site! (Which I'll be coming back to--it's fantastic.)

I was having a hard day writing, feeling like a failure and a fraud and then

I saw your listing and saw the quote. Bliss!!!!

Thank you, thank you again!

Caroline (Leavitt)

Wow! Can lightening strike twice? I mean…really can it? This happened to me before… Remember? with Tod Goldberg! I wasn’t sure if this email was really from her since "he" (the jerk that he is) said it could be from anywhere….well…I did some investigating and she has a profile on aol that reads like this…

Member Name: Caroline Leavitt
Location: Hoboken NJ
Sex: Female
Marital Status: married with baby son
Hobbies: reading, writing, movies
Computers: Gateway2000
Occupation: novelist/screenwriter
Personal Quote: there's no difference between fiction and fact, right?

Would someone go through all of that just to make me all happy? No way!

Either way….go buy her book….see what all the fuss is about.

Coming Back to Me – Caroline Leavitt

Buy Tod’s new book too since you’re already shopping! ;-)

Living Dead Girl – Tod Goldberg

I still can’t believe I am so lucky…. To be contacted by people I admire and novelists that I aspire to be like. It’s mindblowing at best. And now I have to sit and stare at a blank screen wondering again how in the world to address one such as Caroline Leavitt

All this while listening to Paul…

I think someone or somehow I'm being sent a sign, what with these literary geniuses contacting me...

I hope I’m not out of line saying this but I wonder if Baby Owen is looking out for me somehow. I mean, after all, he is an angel.

By the way I printed out a few Tod emails and framed them and hung them, I plan to do the same with Ms. Leavitt's email from today. It's inspiring to think that even an accomplished writer still has doubts. We're all human in the end.

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