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wow it didn't work..and I had to delete it...

Tuesday, May. 14, 2002
ok the below was the text of my test (it works) entry…but….something messed up on the translate somewhere. It was working then it wasn’t. Strange. But the very next entry …I did the same way with the pink text and everything and the xp word transfer worked. Strange. But this is what it was saying….

I noticed something on my word program at work. It is Window’s XP. I noticed that there is an HTML source button that you can add to your word menu. If you type anything at all into the word document and then hit the HTML source button then your text is turned into HTML

I don’t know if it really works so I’m trying it. This is my test entry.

I know that you are used to seeing something far more interesting on my diary and so...

I will let you know that…
I am really tired this afternoon. And for the guy’s that read my diary….

I have on black thong panties.

Thanks Mad for callin me earlier… ;-)

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