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wow...it's joyce...from back in the day..

Tuesday, Apr. 01, 2003
From: Joyce
To: Kristy@mail.com
Subject: hi
Date: Tue, 1 Apr 2003 08:50:59 -0800 (PST)

hi there! How have you been? I saw your email a few months ago on Johnstownpa.com the classmate locator and debated whether to email you or not. I wasn't sure if you would email me back. How is everything going? What are you up to? I'm always busy working and busy with the kids they are constantly busy with their sports so it seems like i'm never home. AYSO soccer starts next week and doesn't end until the end of June. Kevin will be on a AYSO soccer team and so will Kirk but Kevin will also be playing on a AYSO tournament team so that is extra running around plus my Saturdays sitting at tournaments all day long.

Well I gotta get back to work now...hopefully i'll hear from you. I have this email plus my other one is joyce@....


she was my best friend in highschool and then years later while Bucky was still young…our kids played together as toddlers…….how nice….this is so nice to hear from her…I have a big grin on my face right now

part of what I wrote back to her…

I'm glad you wrote...I was happy to see your name in my email. :-) It was a nice surprise. I gotta go grab some lunch. I have tons of free minutes on my cellphone plan so if you want to give me a # I could give you a call some evening after 9 p.m. I'd love to talk to you again.
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