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Sunday, May. 05, 2002

PoeticaL: I bought this really cool wreath today for my kitchen

PoeticaL: it's just a ton of wine corks glued together in a wreath shape

PoeticaL: way kewl

Zen: hmmm

PoeticaL: I was thinking "ahhh someone had fun to make this wreath" I told husband that and we decided to construct a rubber wreath


Zen: LOL *falls on floor laughing*

PoeticaL: well.....

PoeticaL: we gotta do something new

PoeticaL: but I think this wreath will have to stay in the bedroom

Zen: i think so

PoeticaL: :-D

Zen: or you could give it to the in-laws

PoeticaL: ewwwwwwwww

PoeticaL: "happy birthday!"

PoeticaL: <----hands slimy gift to mother in law

PoeticaL: "um....its a frisbee..." "yeah...throw it....."

Zen: haha, tell them instead of more kids

Zen: more dead sperm

PoeticaL: "here's your grandchildren"

Zen: ya ya ya..............

PoeticaL: "happy Grandparents Day" lol

Zen: hahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahaha

PoeticaL: god that's so sick

PoeticaL: teeheee

Zen: and good

PoeticaL: well i just can't help but think someone got totally drunk a lot to make that wreath

Zen: O:-)

PoeticaL: but its kewl

PoeticaL: just all wine corks

PoeticaL: it got me to thinking....imagine how many different wreaths you could make

Zen: hahahah

Zen: funny

PoeticaL: this isn't funny

PoeticaL: I think I'm going to go into the wreath making business

PoeticaL: so many things...

PoeticaL: 1. found contact lenses.....(fuzzy and unfuzzy version available)

PoeticaL: 2. pens with chewed up ends

Zen: golfballs would sell

PoeticaL: 3. post it note's

PoeticaL: 4. (woohooo thanks for the idea) GOLFBALLS

PoeticaL: I could make those for free ...just go to the ponds at the golf courses and dig

PoeticaL: 5. cigar wreaths (dedicated to Monica)

Zen: yup

Zen: $75 for the golf wreath

PoeticaL: 6. email wreaths (spam and regular available...although spam ones are considerably cheaper!)

PoeticaL: see......wreath making works best if you use useless things

PoeticaL: 7. bendy straw wreath (particularly popular for a "sick friend" gift!)

PoeticaL: see?

PoeticaL: it's a good business idea

Zen: i like it, start small, no cash investment other than glue

PoeticaL: well.......the rubber wreath doesn't require glue....just a lot of "DRY" time


PoeticaL: I think you should send me more pictures so then I can make the "hunk" wreath

Zen: LOL

Zen: OK

Zen: i will as i get bigger

Zen: we can call it BFL

PoeticaL: I could make a "cock" wreath instead of a cork wreath then!

Zen: LOL

PoeticaL: in the end...I think the $19.95 I spent on that wreath was so worth it's entertainment value

Zen: i gotta go do dishes

Zen: LOL

Zen: i will do it

PoeticaL: hmmm.....the dishes wreath.....that would be easy

Zen: but you have to explain to hubby

PoeticaL: but the cock wreath would be much more fun

Zen: i'm sure

Zen: bye for now

Zen: :-P

Zen: :-*

PoeticaL: bye bye

PoeticaL: *waves*

Zen: *kisses*

I think I'm going to figure out a way to make a poetry wreath....yeah I am....seriously!

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