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Wednesday, Jan. 02, 2002
Write into Understanding

I am words walking around the page
Around the edge I turn
Sharp the point of pencils
Grooving across the path
Letters limbering into motion
By their own wicked laugh

Twirling blades across
The cold of pretended ice
Motions of emotions loss
Alphabetic pleasure
Embossing wooded
Complicated nice

Enraptured by knowledge
That you shan’t understand
My texture flowered hedges
While you are simply sand

Smiles curl around your frown
Inked in balance perfectly
You are too much
Upside down
Crossed eyes
Too blind to see

Skating grayed matters
Of beautiful insane
I’m sad complication
In a world where
You just remain

~Dedicated to all those that read my poetry and reply “say what?”~


all the curls
you’ve embraced
scraps of my soul
that you never erased

all the tears
and the smiles
the last year
of labored trials

all the downs
kissing few highs
all the frowns
from weak goodbyes

all the words
I have found in you
nothing was ever lost
inside your dark blue

thank you
is not enough
for always you stand by me
hanging tough

I love you
for you understand
my unique
grain of sand

~Dedicated to MadProphet who always gets me! Thank you for your belief in me!~
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