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Monday, Sept. 08, 2003
Yesterday Brad called me to tell me that he’s getting married in June. He just met her 2 months ago, but so be it. Not my life. Then not even an hour later Delboy called me to tell me that his bitch wife wants a divorce. Why is she a bitch? Delboy was married before and has a daughter, 2nd wife (the aforementioned bitch) never much cared for his daughter. She wanted or expected or had some sort of messed up idea that his daughter was a part of his past life and he should just rid himself of that life. Nevermind that Delboy loves his daughter. (of course he would..)

So within an hour I got “I’m getting married!!!!” and “My wife wants a divorce… :-(, she told me last night.“

At that moment, I was glad that I’m somewhere in-between.

The only thing I miss about being married is the shiny on my finger.

I took the collections job….we shall see….but “say WHAT???? NO INTERNET AT WORK????? WHAT THE FUUUCK???????”

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