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Sunday, Oct. 02, 2005
Things that make happy me

1. Learning always learning…

2. New book with great great cover art (even though it’s a YA book, Judy Blume praises it so I bought it.) This cover gets an A+ from me. No legs and no headless people.

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3. Big chef salad for dinner. Yummy.

4. The man’s wedding ring repaired and resized looking beautiful again. (Same ring I proposed with a year ago and same ring he’s been wearing on his pinky finger and same ring he bent beyond recognition at work)

5. Cup of hot coffee in front of me.

6. Desperate Housewives is coming on soon.

Things that make sad me.

1. Washing my car just so that it rains for 15 minutes one hour later.

2. Doing laundry and washing car right after long work related weekend.

3. Scoring less than a desirable score on a paper because there is a slight difference between a simile and an analogy. Like the word LIKE!

4. Going back to work tomorrow

5. No date with the man tonight…

6. Noisy upstairs neighbor, why begin running about your apartment at night? Why??

p.s. Alison Lurie...I read the last 50 pages and the chick leaves her husband, marries the husband of the woman her now ex-husband was fucking....and yah that book still sucks. It was as if you got to the last 50 pages and thought "oh hell I have to end this now" and rushed through a lame ending without fleshing it out right or making it interesting. Hated it!

p.s.s. Chloe has the softest furry spot right behind her ears. This is where I kiss her relentlessly and I love her for tolerating it and almost even acting like she likes it.

p.s.s.s. I always pat Chloe on her side and say, "I pat you like that because doggies like that!" It only took a few weeks for Rick to start doing it and then for Keith to start doing it. Love when that happens....
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