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Monday, Jul. 11, 2005
Today I took my son out for breakfast at this place that’s fairly cheap but gives ya tons of yummy food. He got eggs, bacon, toast and home fries. They put onions in his home fries and so he picked them all out one by one and made a big onion pile on a napkin.

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I got pancakes, coffee and bacon. I did not finish even half of it….

At the restaurant they had two waitress uniforms tacked to the wall. One had a sign that said “Flo” and one had a sign that said “Alice”. I giggled at them and asked my son to sneak over and take a photo. He did not get the joke.
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I tried to explain the humor to my son
Me: Ya know from that show Alice, those two waitresses from Mel’s Diner.

Buck : “I’ve never seen that show, was it good?”

Me: Yah it was pretty funny. It was just as popular as Happy Days.

Buck: “Happy Days?, I’ve never seen that show either”

Me: “Really? You knowwww The Fonz…ahhhhh.. You mean neither of those shows are on Nick at Night?”

Buck: “Nope.”

Me: “Well they should be, Flo used to say “well kiss my grits” when she got mad at anyone.

Buck: “Ha! What did Alice say?”

Me: “I don’t remember.”

Buck: “yah that “was” a long time ago”

$10.38 for lotsa coffee and great service and good food.

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Then we went to the Dr’s office to get my staples removed. The waiting room was small and there were tons of people waiting. They were all really old though. I felt like I was out of place. There was an older crotchety woman making a big display of her pain. She openly and loudly complained that other’s were being called in prior to her and she emphatically stated, “I was here before them and them and all of these people in here.”

So what? What time was your appointment?

We were ushered into a back room. After about 20 minutes my son peeked out and inquired of a nurse how much longer and did they forget about me. Teeheee…he had my back. He then informed me “that cranky lady is still out there in the waiting room, hahaha”.

We then sat there for about 45 minutes while I informed my son about how when I was around his age it was totally cool to wear different colored bandannas all over your body, your arms and legs and wrists and around your neck with doubled up Izod alligator shirts in different colors layered. I told him about my once upon a time thin metal belts and Jordache jeans with all the sparkly designs on the pockets and how once upon a time Brooke Shields was hotter than Pamela Anderson is now. To which he said, ‘Brooke who?” I told him about parachute pants and dayglo belts and thin spiral tubular metal stretchy belts that clasped together with all metal pieces. I also informed him of how you just “had to” roll up your pants to get that all-elusive tapered leg look. And of course I had to tell him about old school Nikes and the all powerful and mighty swoosh.

I ventured into telling my son about my childhood and my parents and how they never bought me what I wanted. If I asked for a stereo I got a record player, if I asked for a Rubik’s Cube I got a generic knock off. I told him I hated my sister when I was a kid because she got the “real” Rubiks Cube and I got the junky knock off that didn’t ever turn right without a tub of Vaseline and a crowbar. He thought this was quite funny that I complained about getting the “junky” Cube. (one week after we both got the cubes I tore off all the stickers on her Rubik's Cube and she took a gooney fit and my Mother bought her another new RUBIK'S brand cube!!!) He sat and giggled at everything I said including how my parents sadly gave me a suitcase the last Christmas my mother ever spoke to me.

I acted out the scene

"Wow a ...uh...a suitcase...where am I going?...oh...no trip....uh..yah thanks" (deadpan voice)

(and I thought to myself)
"uh...it's not even a pretty suitcase...uhm....its UGLY even...um...wow thanks!" (also deadpan voice to self)

I promised him I’d never ever buy him a suitcase unless he asked me for one. Then I finally stated, “So now you see why I tell you that you’re spoiled because you always get what you want.” He replied, “That’s because I don’t ask for stupid things like Rubik’s cube’s.”

Yes because asking for Pokemon cards isn’t stupid at all.

Today was a learning experience. My son does not know who Flo is nor does he know what parachute pants are. I told him to ask his Dad about parachute pants because he still had a pair when I met him. Yah and that was 1991. *shivers*

Now my son is begging to go to the mall so we're off again....ta ta!

p.s. his large glass of juice (one glass no refills) was $1.25. My coffee (3 1/2 refills) was $1.00. (once again proving juice is EXPENSIVE)
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