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Wednesday, Mar. 29, 2006
Not so long ago (17 months ago...we've now been married for 4 months!) I proposed to my man. I cried as I professed my love to him. I bought him a ring, of course it was a wedding band because they just don’t sell engagement rings for men. I wouldn’t say this ring was cheap because it wasn’t. However, I made the definitive decision to buy a ring and propose and didn’t waste any time doing so. I didn’t shop around, I didn’t ask him questions about preferences, I just bought within 24 hours and asked. It was with this ring.

He never answered me that night. It was odd timing and in retrospect I can’t blame him for being flabbergasted because it was a scene out of “When Harry Met Sally” to say the least.

“When you know that you want to spend the rest of your life with someone you want the rest of your life to start RIGHT NOW”

That’s pretty much how I came to the decision to throw caution to the wind and ask him to love me forever.

Because Rick works outside and in heavy conditions to say the least, this ring has served him well as it has not broken but after 17 months of wear and tear and 2 trips to the jewelers to be “bent back” into shape, and his innate love of “yellow” gold…..and the fact that he blings me out very often....I bought him this.

This time he picked it out. It had to be sized and I picked it up tonight. It’s really beautiful in person.

These are my wedding rings….

I love my rings. I told him what I wanted…so stands to reason I’d have something I love. I have had a love affair with a set of rings that are ridiculously priced. It’s not that they are priced unreasonably….well actually it is that they are priced unreasonably. They are “designer” rings and therefore pricey. But I love them. I have looked everywhere else, including online for something similar to their 3 stone=diamond center style but all to no avail and yes I have written TWO other entries about these damned rings. Ohhhh ahhhhh soooo pretty….and so me….

Tonight after picking up Rick’s ring I came home and looked for it online and in doing so I then stumbled onto this…and damn it’s not that expensive…my birthday is in May and this is my birthstone and it’s the first time I’ve seen a piece of jewelry with emerald’s that I truly fell in love with. Let’s just skip to the chase….I can’t expect the man to buy me ridiculously priced wedding rings when 1. they are too pricey for what they are…..and 2. I already have wedding rings I love….and 3. they want so much money for a ¾ total carat set of rings I could buy a carat and a half….so….instead….please honey…..for my birthday???? This is the first genuine emerald ring I've found that does not cost an arm and a leg...just a few fingers honey. ;-)

(it should be noted: Rick intends to wear his original ring I originally bought him day to day....and keep his new ring to wear when we go out, etc. this way it will not take a regular beating like his old ring)
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