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Your Name - poem

Monday, Mar. 11, 2002
It’s 2:13 a.m. and I should be in bed because technically I get up in 4 and a half hours. How insane? But…I’m wired. Like always. And I am a total insomniac. Totally. And it sucks. I would love to do nothing more than crawl into my bed and feel safe and secure right now so that I can sleep.

Every time I go over to my house I end up curled up somewhere sleeping. I really wonder how long before I can sleep alone. Soundly. I sleep…..but it’s lying flat on my back stiff as a scared board. Sad…. Maybe I just need a nightlight. LOL

I think that some stuff I write totally sucks. Some stuff is "trying to not suck". Some stuff sucks the mental goodness in your brain to the front and makes you think..... and some stuff just comes out and totally rocks. It’s a ratio thing…just like Josh says…

I wrote this last week sometime….thought I’d share….

Your Name

Nudity doesn’t bring slumber
Purity doesn’t breed clarity
Phone lines don’t tie me to love
And though I ache for nothing but peace
There is a piece always missing
A puzzle crooked above

A fragment caught in irises
Weeping while writing your name
A thousand ways
Backwards and forwards
Always writing a story
That remains sad and the same

Beautiful you are like silence
Breezes blowing with violence
And I’m caught in your flame
Burning like embers, a love
That we cherished before
We learned how to violate
The rules of the game

You are a moment…

If I stand within you
I wilt into insane

Touch me too long
Leave me screaming
Over and over
Like the whisper of your name

2:13 a.m. ::
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