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Thursday, Jul. 25, 2002
Once and for all I hate people that say ďafter all this is only the InternetĒ as though weíre all blips of nothings. As though there are no people causing all of this. The Internet is people. Iím a real girl sitting at a real desk in a real town with a real keyboard typing with real fingers. I am not a droid or a robot. I donít live in a sugar-coated world either. Anyone that really knows me knows a statement like that canít be farther from the truth. I could sit here and write out a laundry list of problems, past events, current events. But Iím not going to.

Back to my first thought. ďAfter all this is only the InternetĒ. I am a real girl here and ďtĒ is a real boy fighting a real war. ďHeĒ is a real guy making a life for him self in the business world. Mad is a real guy in a hot place waiting for buses and raising kids and trying to figure it all out. Josh is a ďrealĒ and cute boy with a giant smile (that I got to see for the first time in a year last night). The things you read online, the people you meet. They are real. Sure some people are pyschoís that want to be friends with someone but donít have clue number one how to do that. It scares me to wonder what kind of messed up lives they have.

An Internet stalker is someone that follows you around watching everything you do. Harasses you and tries to make the Internet something bad. Itís not bad. Itís all based on the people behind the text. Some people are amazing. Some people just suck! Iím real. I never professed perfection. Iíll never be perfect.
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message: You'll delete me? You're the one sending me 'silent' emails...why? Don't want the rest of your online stalkers (after all, it IS the Internet...christ) to know what a complete BITCH you are? How completely psychotic you really are? Ha. What a joke. It's you who's stalking me...in secret, away from the eyes of your 'admiring, suck-ass' public. You delete me all you want. You're the one who sends me pictures of you and your kid and bombards me with your writing via email...like I care. Take me off YOUR list and then maybe I'll leave YOU alone.

I deleted the above from my guestbook, and intend to delete everything this girl ever has to say. I never sent her pictures of myself or my son. I never emailed her until last night asking her to leave me alone. I never talk to her. She follows me, sheís got some serious problems. She dates married men, gets pregnant, aborts the child and then comes and tells me Iím a bad person for seeking someone in my life. Iím bad because my husband cheats on me. Whatever. Fuck you Jess. Howís that for public? Now leave me alone. My not liking you doesnít make me a bitch either. My not liking you has to do with you being the way you are. You like to start shit. Iíve had it with people like you in my life. Iíve had enough of it thatís for sure. Here online and in the real world. People are people everywhere!

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