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Thursday, Jun. 27, 2002
Tim said that he would call me back last night.

He didn’t.

Today I called him.

He said he was sorry he didn’t call back.

Then he put me on hold.

I waited patiently.

I thought about how I chose him.

I remembered how he chose me back.

He came back and apologized.

I said it was ok because he was at work.

He said it was only right that he apologized for making me wait.

“After all you called me”, he said.

I smiled.

I hope he heard that somehow.

The other day I talked to him about the ‘Mats.

I think he looked ‘em up cause then he read off their albums…

He said, “an album named Tim…”

I never even thought about that.

I was thinking about blueberry waffles.

Maybe I shouldn’t be thinking about anything.

Don’t I ever learn?

Yeah you would think.
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