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Thursday, Dec. 09, 2004
Today I got an email from a co-worker at the construction company. I’ve never met this coworker but they asked me how I liked my job and if I got a kick out of my boss JIM chewing people out. I replied as follows and I think it just speaks volumes for my experiences there. Keep in mind…it’s all tongue in cheek and I actually love that job…truly I do. Now hold all my calls until you read this….

Usually when I'm there here's how it goes..

Jane: Hold all my calls for awhile if you can because I MUST get THIS done.

Me: Ok

Few minutes pass

Phone rings...

Me: Thank you for calling ************* Builders this is Kristy...Jane? No, she's busy right now, I can take a message and have her call you back...oh hang on a minute

Jane (pipes in from the background.."who is that?" (I place caller on hold)

Me: so and so and he wants this and that....

Jane: OH WELL I can talk to HIM *picks up phone* "This is Jane...

I go back to stuffing envelopes, marking out peoples ss#'s on checkstubs and other mindless garbage...

Then "JIM" walks in and says "Do you have anything I need to sign?" Jane clunks down a pile of checks/paperwork/change orders/pay requests

JIM: *scribble scribble his important name* then says why the hell is this bill so high?

Jane: womp womp womp
JIM: womp womp womp

(note:womp sound like on Snoopy because Kristy has now tuned it allll out)

JIM: Ok I'm going to meet Mrs. Mooma now

*swish goes the door and out goes "JIM"*

Jane: OK Kristy really now hold all of my calls, I HAVE to get this done

Rinse, lather and repeat.

The entire time in the background Carter is moaning and in/out the door to smoke. (he moans because of his broken leg..or at least that’s why I hope he moans) Ken is putting rubber bands on big large rolls of paper with what I see as chinese writing but when Damon comes it apparently shows how to BUILD A MANSION for someone with TOO MUCH money.

The ONLY time that JIM speaks to me is to say "good morning" and if he calls in and says "Hi Kristy this is JIM can I talk to Jane?" and I'm tempted to say "No you can't I'm holding her calls for REAL this time"

Oh I forgot...John P is talking to anyone and everyone and constantly about anything and everything usually on SPEAKER phone and ...uh...does he ever stop talking????? :-) However...I like John P. I like Ken. I like Jane. I barely know JIM but think when he goes off on someone I oughta sell tickets to the show and we should sit and eat popcorn. It's quite entertaining.

JIM: "I said I don't want those windows fucking delivered this early, if they warp I'm going to call Attorney Important at *big important firm name inserted here* and sue the shit out of you. Do you know who I am?

moments after saying this over the phone JIM walks into the office looks at Jane and I and says "I'm such a billy hardass aren't I?" like a little boy and starts giggling.

He's really a nice guy....just sometimes you gotta be a billy when it comes to jackass subcontractors.

yah I love my job there.....
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