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Tuesday, Dec. 07, 2004
Onto something happier than that last bitch/rant entry…

I just went here because of devian’s suggestion and I bought the pink poster of the three-legged girl smiling in the rain. That so reminds me of myself as of late. Yah shit keeps happening but I’m rolling with it, busting ass against life’s shit and smiling anyway.

And to borrow the words of Devian, who rocks out himself, I decided to “support independent artists” today and so I bought Devian’s CD for myself too. Which you too can do here!

You can do these things when you have cool bosses who give you, you the part time chick, a Christmas bonus. Later tonight I hope to make it to the grocery store to stock up the fridge for the coolest guy I know. Cheese…it does a body good!


I can put the pink girl next to the blue window and be double happy in the dining room.