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Wednesday, Sept. 22, 2004
1 a.m. no sleep….i’m up to two pills and a glass of wine and I just saw this girl on a goofy porn clip someone sent me who has the area between her pussy and her ass pierced and since it’s 1 a.m. and I miss him…and I’m all fucked up and want nothing but him I’m actually sitting here wondering if I might go get that…whatever the hell that area is .pierced……man I need to sleep…bad…..4 hours in two days…not enough….

just how fucked up was that girl to go into a piercing place and say "here pierce this...because I just want to feel nothing but pain for ages and eons and then I want to have jewelry hanging from body parts that no one knows names to. She can't even see it.

kinda like my brain can't work anymore without sleep. I'm ready to call off of work tomorrow and go beg the doctor to help me.

I'm turning into an alcoholic with a heartache and I'm about to turn on some country songs and make me some bracelets with razor blades. Just for kicks.

As soon as I go to sleep I have that one same bad dream, the bitch of it is...I wake up and there's no one to tell. I want to sleep...eat....feel again...breath...I want to dream good dreams..I want to smell you in my sleep.

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