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Monday, Jun. 17, 2002
Things are creeping around my head driving me nuts this morning. So much of what I feel is good and yet so much of what I’ve done to it is too far gone. When I get like this I clean…I cleaned out my backpack/purse this morning. I hate all the garbagey gunk that ends up at the bottom mixed up with change and stuff.

Here’s what’s in there now. Gunkless!

Cell phone (who doesn’t have one of these? Are there still people out there without one?)

Tiny mini purple highlighter ( I don’t know why I have this thing, I never use it)

Espirit black wallet. (I just got this, the last one was so decrepit …it was embarrassing to take out)

Plastic yellow heart keychain thing from a bubble gum machine. (“Bucky” gave it to me so I have to keep it..he checks!)

Trident gum. (the wrapper is almost worn gone, you never know when you’ll get stranded somewhere and be desperate for some crappy old gum)

Lipsmackers bubble gum lipgloss. (the label is worn to nothing but I know what it is..so..but I doubt I’ll ever pull this out in public…again embarrassing…why can’t manufactures of this kind of stuff make tougher labels or no labels,,,just emboss it in the plastic man!)

Nail file. Wait, make that two nail files.

One packet of Alka Seltzer cold medicine. (label? What label?….its gross..but I know the medicine’s still in there)

One Barnes and Noble Readers Advantage application filled out and ready to go. (I never turn it in cause it costs $25 and I’d rather just buy a damn book than pay for this, even though I should…and why do I keep this, it’s so worn out it looks like total crap….I’d refill a new one out if I was going to get it.)

My car/house Keys. (I really need to get a new funky keychain like the one I lost…this one stinks. It’s a plastic chambord liquor bottle with part of my lost magnetic poetry refrigerator…yeah it’s a mess!) I want a Winnie the pooh one. Or I want to find my London red telephone box one that BraN sent me.

Excedrin tin. (surprising they make a good lable that doesn’t wear off, but gunk gets inside the tin and makes the druggage all fuzzy or something)

A pack of matches from Applebees. (why? I don’t smoke and I don’t plan on going to Let’s Make a Deal….does that show even exist anymore? If you don’t even know what that show is…don’t tell me, I don’t want to feel old)

3 pens (One Dr. Grip aqua colored, One that says Claritin, and another one that’s just blue and silver)

Calgon Solid Scent Pan (perfume, Fall Skies, half gone…. :-( and I can NOT find this scent anywhere again…. grrr, by the way Calgon has the label making business downpat…it still looks brand new and I’ve carried this around for almost 2 years.

Clear Hair Clippy ( I can’t live with all of my hair without this, especially with his t-top pussy car around!)

Tums. ( I have a handy dandy plastic holder for these and the labels perfect after months and months and months…yeahhhh)

Volupte’ perfume from Brad. I am addicted to this perfume. I can’t get enough of it. I gotta find it somewhere and buy more.

Purple suede journal. (this is my bible…and it still looks brand new, but it’s jam packed full of junk writing)

One folded up origami copy of “Painting in St. Petersburg”. My favorite poem anyone ever wrote for me. It’s like having a folded up smile in my backpack. (no lie..it’s really in there)

One pack of XTC mints. Caffeine….mmmm (thinkgeek.com) (tin is the way to go on that label problem)

There…wasn’t that boring? I can’t help it. This is the shit I do …clean, organize…go mental…when I am feeling extreme levels of stress or guilt. Combined….it’s horrible.

If you think I should have anything else in my backpack/purse, feel free to mail it to me.

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