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26 things to say today

Friday, Mar. 22, 2002
Ok just to clear up a few things….

1. I love “him”.

2. I will always love “him”.

3. I can’t have “him”.

4. I will never be able to have “him”.

5. I have accepted the above two things.

6. I like David.

7. David is cool.

8. I am not in love with David.

9. I don’t think I’ll ever love David.

10. A week ago I really wanted to move back home and work things out with husband.

11. But husband was too busy banging the neighbor.

12. I still love husband but realize that love is never enough.

13. How could I ever trust him?

14. I did drive over to the house last night after the bookstore cause I was sick and wanted him to hold me. It’s all confusing to me…but I wanted him to hold me and when he saw me he did. Makes no sense. But then again love never does.

15. I talked big about David to “him” because I surely wasn’t going to tell him that it was just a friendship I was after because after all I am extremely bothered that he met someone else and didn’t tell me until I told him about David. (Even though I already knew) (And especially since “him” was always talking about “honesty” and “don’t hide things from me” all the time!)

16. David is not a stalker.

17. David was very respectful of how we met.

18. We parted separately.

19. David did kiss my battered hands.

20. I think that David and I are going to see a movie tonight.

21. David and I are gonna be friends.

22. He needs a friend and I need a friend.

23. Hess gas station stalker is gone. No more messages. He got bored.

24. I don’t want to love anyone but myself right now.

25. I’m home sick today. Very sick.

26. When you are home sick make sure to chat to Zen. He’ll make you feel better. ;-)

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