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Monday, Jul. 15, 2002
Sometimes all it takes is someone taking some time for me and making me feel like I matter just because I exist. Someone has been doing just that. I dont much know why hes doing it, Im just glad that he is.

Especially when weve already met and talked and yet hes being so damn campy cute that hes going back and sending me little notes again.just for laughs.

Hey cutie,

Looks like we matched! I clicked Yes on you because as soon as I saw your profile, I knew I *had* to meet you! I am sending this note because I think we could be friends and I'm just crazy like that.

Anthony (as in Afghanistan soldier)

Anthony is just plain someone I enjoy talking to right now. Hes sweet, unassuming, already a friend. Im taken with him, hes just fun to talk to. He always writes me back. And hes got the coolest blue eyes. Not that that matters, because in the end I see who he is on the inside rather than what he is on the outside.

I am not swinging on any new vines. Im not falling for any new Tarzans. I think its so damn obvious that I feel so alone inside. So obvious, that I just need someone to make me smile and thats all. And Im pretty sure if my ass was sitting on foreign soil listening to bombs go off around me that Id love to have someone write me long articulate emails and make me laugh. Remind me that life is a good thing. So thats what I do. I write long articulate emails and Anthony writes back. Anthony tells me my emails are something that hed pay a subscription for. Who cant use someone telling them that they are worthy? That they are someone worth reading a thousand words a day from. Especially when my emails are full of the mundane details of a sad girl.

Maybe some connections that we make in life are there for all the right reasons. Anthony has quickly become someone I can talk to. No matter what I tell him, he is the same towards me. I have told him all the disappointments I have had in recent people I have met. He smiles and says hes sorry.

A lot of my recent involvements with people have been mistakes. I really want Anthony to be my friend. I dont have grandiose ideas for anything. Hes simply a nice thing.

I add this all here, because some days I think I am having the most horrible day and then I remember a friend whos sitting vigilantly a million miles away fighting terrorism. It puts everything back into perspective. If youd like to write Anthony an email and thank him or justsay hi. Let me know. I can forward any and all messages to him. I know he thinks that weve all forgotten about whats going on over there. Thats rather sad to me. I can only say a prayer for Anthony and hope that his name lights up in my email or on my yahoo messenger everyday.

Have a safe day remember Anthony's fighting for them.

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