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Dear Bucky

Sunday, Nov. 17, 2002
Dear Bucky,

I think you might be the only person I’ve never sat down and wrote a letter to so it was about time since you’re working so hard on reading better. You’re turning ten this week and I can’t believe how big you are. I still remember when you had a bottle and a rattle too. But you’re not a baby anymore at all. You’re growing up fast and I am so proud of you. I wrote a poem about you a month after you were born when you were still a baby. Part of it was…

I look towards the future and how much you will grow
I have no expectations just a wish that you’ll always know
You’re my very special little one,
And I love you, my darling son.

I guess I never counted on how fast you would grow up. You’re the coolest person I know and I don’t mean cool the way you mean cool either! I mean you are the nicest, sweetest, cutest, smartest, most talented kid I know. One other time I wrote a poem about you that had this part in it…

I know that if you weren’t my son
I’d pick you to be my best friend
But either way I want you to know
I’ll love you forever without end

I could have made a “long story short” like you asked me to, but I want you to be a good reader someday. :-) Always remember I’m here for you, no matter what happens. I love you from here and to the moon and back.

Oh one other thing….I love you more than most! I won! I won! I put your song on here for you too! Mariah’s gonna be jealous that you like J’lo now too!


Thanks for jammin' with me every morning on the way to school!

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